Saturday, July 26, 2014

One Night In Fuquay

[An email to my brother, off to Fuquay Varina to look at a riding lawnmower]

This reminded me of the "One Night in Fuquay" parody from my youth.  Derived from the contemporary "One Night in Bangkok",

My memory is that the lyrics included "One night in Fuquay and the rednecks get you".   But I get a grand total of three Google hits:

A comment here:

   The part I remember goes...

   One night in Fuquay makes your brain cells crumble
   Drinkin' beer and wasting electricity
   Watching Dukes of Hazzard on black and white TV

A note here:

   Back in the 1980s when “One Night in Bangkok” was a hit, a local radio station did a parody titled “One Night In Fuquay” that made fun of its small size and lack of nightlife.  

And a comment here:

   Back in the 80s, a Raleigh DJ team did a parody of One Night In Bangkok called One Night In Fuquay. "I can feel a redneck walking next to me."   

I wonder if that song is lost to posterity.  Seems a bit of a shame.